Web Tools

Keep your web site content completely up to date. An unlimited number of content managers can modify their own pages from any internet browser without any additional software. Built in security allows department changes to be verified by an administrator before being applied to the live website.


The QScheduler product is a full-featured event scheduling tool. The product gives you the ability to create multiple calendars, as well as recurring events, and even limit "seats" or participants. QScheduler will provide the flexibility to post items ranging from city council meetings to a complete parks and recreation calendar.


Residents don't have to find out the hard way that a town event has been closed or cancelled. Have you ever driven to an important town meeting just to find out that it had been cancelled or postponed? QNotify will email town residents of important, time sensitive information, improving citizen communication. Unlimited subscriber lists offered at no additional charge.


Keep users coming back again and again with the ability to create and manage multiple polls and surveys. QPolling collects information and ideas from citizens that can be used at a later date.


QAlert Mobileā„¢ (for the iPad), optimized for iOS8, allows government employees to manage citizen service requests in the field; thereby eliminating paperwork, decreasing data entry hours, and increasing efficiency which reduces the response time to citizen service requests overall. Your field personal can:

  • Review submitter and location data
  • Add comments and actions by typing or by voice (with the New iPad)
  • Take and upload images
  • Trigger updates to citizens
  • Use Find Nearby feature to map similar service requests
  • Move to quickly address issues
  • Learn more about Citizen Request Management

User Experience

Responsive Web
Responsive Web
Auto adjust for Mobile Users
Intuitive Design
Intuitive Design
Organized for the Citizen
Image Gallery
Thumbnail Slideshow
Searchable Forms
Printable & Fillable
Streaming Video
Unlimited, Live & Chaptering
Parks Locator
Parks Locator
Searchable by Amenity
RSS Feeds
Email and/or Text
Agenda Minutes
Agendas & Minutes Manager
Easy Sort Interface
Secure Login
Secure Login
User Restrictions Controls
Mega Menu
Mega Menus
Modern Navigations
Email Alerts
Subscriber News Alerts
Performance Report
Performance Reports
Websites Health Reporting
Facilities Manager
Facilities Manager
Easy Sort Interface
Easy Share
All Social Media Platforms
Points of Interest
Interactive Maps
Auto Archive
Auto Archive
Automatic Backup & Archive
Bids & Purchasing
Bids & Purchasing Manager
Bid Notifications
Citizen Experience
Front-End Edit Button
No Back-End Digging

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